What is Picerty?

Picerty is an iPhone app and web app, which allows the creation of a grid of 9 of images from your phone. Save your work as a single image, and then share it or order prints direct from the app. Compile examples of work or collections of objects; document your trips and holidays, organise family photos into a set. Create online avatars or eye-catching artwork for print or web, and order your work as giant wall stickers, posters and greetings cards, or download as hi-res files to use as you please.

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The possibilities are endless, but if you need a little creative nudge, take a look at some of these for inspiration...

Family photos look great as a collection

Even better enlarged on the wall. Take enough shots in a similar setting that you have plenty to choose from, then try to keep the tonal range of the shots close to provide a coherent collection.

Picerty wall stickers make great gifts

Shots taken inside a friend’s house without them knowing can make a beautiful and personalise gift to display within the house it was created in...

Abstract images as a collection

Makes great artwork for your wall as a framed poster, dramatic giant stickers, or greetings cards for all occasions.

For businesses

Picerty is a great way to show a selection of your products. These T-shirts from Morfo Factory look great displayed as a collection.

Travel images on a theme

It’s all about making sure the tonal range is small and the collection of images works as a whole. These may well be holiday shots, but as a cohesive unit they would look beautiful enlarged.

For artists, illustrators and photographers

A collection of work is a nice way to show more than one image at a time. Again, this works because the images sit well with each other without any being more prominent.